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Who We Are

About Us

We are an Educational Biology Startup called EdubioSkills. We are incubated in Bangalore Bioinnovation Center in Bangalore.

EdubioSkills has been working to bring a change in the way the skill sets in biological sciences are imparted across the academia and industry. We believe that the practice of skills is more important than mere observation of a demonstration of a biotechnological method or technique.

Our focus is on design, development, and as well and marketing and of our innovative products. We believe that our products would support the Educational, R&D and Training organizations to provide better quality training with the higher proficiency among the learners and trainees. We not only focus on hand-on-experience, but we also provide experience and opportunity to get skill sets with accuracy and precision through our products. Our products referred as bioBox TM are created based on a unique combination of Biotechnology, Educational technology, and SAAS based E-learning/ Evaluation modules for higher education and professional training in Academia/Industry focusing on Modern Biological Sciences. The bioBox TM concept includes the following 3 modules in each of our products;

  1.   A physical kit with reagents & consumables required to learn, practice & master the necessary skills in the Biotechnology & Diagnostic industry

  2. Online Learning platform – content, training videos & peer group interactions, built around the physical Kit.

  3. Evaluation & Reporting Modules – To evaluate candidates performance post-training and to create a technical project report to be submitted to the Institute.